Keynote Presentation Topics

My Side of the Stethoscope

As a frequent flyer in the medical community, Rob has an insider’s perspective on quality healthcare. From multiple childhood illnesses to a series of injuries to living with a disability, he has the expertise to talk about the patient’s perspective on quality healthcare. With the information from his interviews on the Perspectives on Healthcare Podcast, he also has the insights from a variety of medical professionals on quality healthcare and how to improve it.

When you bring Rob Oliver in as your keynote speaker, your audience will receive an overview of why people visit medical professionals, what patient centered care looks like and why it is important, practical tips on improving the quality of healthcare and a mix of a little humor and some great stories.

Your group will be inspired and reminded why the medical profession exists as Rob explains how he sees things from “my side of this stethoscope.”

Takeaway messagePatients are the most important part of healthcare. Without them it doesn’t exist.

Still Walking

The path of life is filled with bumps, potholes and detours. Still Walking is a powerful keynote based on real-life examples that challenges people to assess their obstacles, limitations and strengths on a personal and professional level. It’s a reminder that our focus determines our success. In Still Walking, Rob uses his personal journey of a paralyzing injury to get to the heart of the “Human Condition*” and move audiences to achieve greatness by maximizing their abilities.

Takeaway messageNo one ever achieved anything amazing by focusing on what they can’t do!