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10. PR Strategies with Gaynor Meilke

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
10. PR Strategies with Gaynor Meilke

“Learning from Smart People” has reached double digits! My guest on this milestone episode is Gaynor Meilke, the Bona Fide Business Guide. We talked about how to secure positive PR opportunities.

Some of the key takeaways from this episode are:

  • The definition of PR (it’s more than just getting on Good Morning America!)
  • Effective PR requires a plan and strategy
  • Tips for finding journalists and building relationships with them
  • How to create a simple introductory pitch
  • Essential tools for PR seekers (See list below Gaynor’s contact info.)

Gaynor generously offered a free media release template as well as a PR strategy consultation by contacting her at the email below.

Email Address:
Twitter: @BFBizGuide
Instagram: @GMeilke

Where to find PR tools:

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