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109 Rhonda Williams: How to Live Stress Free

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
109 Rhonda Williams: How to Live Stress Free

Rhonda Williams joined the Learning from Smart People Podcast with Rob Oliver to talk about how to live stress-free. With her background as a medical professional, she understands stress from both sides: experiential and clinical. She has great insights for Recovering Stressed Out Leaders.

Here are a few things that you will learn during this discussion between Rob Oliver and Rhonda Williams:

  • · Where does stress come from
  • · Stress-free does not mean without stress
  • · Becoming a stress ninja
  • · The way the external environment affects us is a choice
  • · The need for self-awareness
  • · How your stress affects those around you
  • · The definition of an R SOUL
  • · Rhonda’s story of reinventing herself
  • · Leaders don’t have to carry all of the stress by themselves
  • · Her definition of leadership
  • · The danger of creating a double negative environment
  • · Stress is bad for your body
  • · Removing the value statements on our external circumstances
  • · How we train our bodies to react to stress
  • · Utilizing emotional intelligence
  • · Recognizing our stress drivers
  • · No one else can make you feel insecure
  • · You can react or you can respond (#itsalwaysyou)
  • · Inside every big problem is a small problem, struggling to get out
  • · The two parts of self-awareness
  • · Tips for self-awareness
  • · The power of inviting feedback
  • · The lost art of listening
  • · Criticizing the mirror

You can connect with Rhonda Williams through her website or on her social media. Be sure to take advantage of her free e-book and her momentum boosting call.

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