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11. Social Capital with Al Condeluci

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
11. Social Capital with Al Condeluci

My guest for episode 11 of Learning from Smart People is Al Condeluci from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. He is a consultant and trainer and we discussed the revolutionary concept of “Social Capital.”

We all understand the concept of financial investments. Social Capital takes those ideas and applies them to relationships. In much the same way as we would like to watch our financial portfolio grow, as we invest in relationships, we are watching the value of our community grow.

During the show Al covered several interesting topics:

  • The increase of loneliness and social isolation (even pre-COVID-19.)
  • Which populations are most at risk
  • The definition of “Social Capital”
  • How this concept provides an antidote to social isolation
  • The four key steps to intentionally building Social Capital

Al has a number of free resources available at his website, listed below. There are videos, downloads and other resources including his TEDx talk.

Twitter: @acondeluci

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