You are currently viewing 115 Melanie Colusci: How to Move from Startup to Success

115 Melanie Colusci: How to Move from Startup to Success

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
115 Melanie Colusci: How to Move from Startup to Success

Today’s episode of Learning from Smart People Podcast features an interview with Melanie Colusci about how to move from start up to success. Rob Oliver and Melanie Colusci talk about how she came to be a 3X business owner and an entrepreneurial coach for female entrepreneurs.

Here are a few of the topics covered by Melanie Colusci and Rob Oliver in this episode of the Learning from Smart People Podcast:

· How Melanie became an entrepreneur
· Why following in your parent’s footsteps isn’t always bad
· The evolution to owning three businesses
· Guidance for entrepreneurs before launching a business
· Melanie’s take on of success
· Up leveling your success
· The importance of a mission and vision statement
· The path to success is one step at a time
· Using non-annualized goals
· Being strategic as an entrepreneur
· Doing the boring stuff matters
· Rewarding yourself for doing what needs to be done
· Finding balance in your business
· Using creative “consequences”
· What to look for in a mastermind group
· The link between marketing and success
· Consistency is the key!
· Don’t lose sight of your mission and vision
· The power of intentionality
· Celebrate your successes

You can connect with Melanie Colusci through her website and her social media. Be sure to take advantage of her free download on marketing.

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