You are currently viewing 117 Destini Copp: How to Create an Online Course

117 Destini Copp: How to Create an Online Course

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
117 Destini Copp: How to Create an Online Course

If you’re wondering how to build an online course, check out today’s episode of the Learning from Smart People Podcast. Rob Oliver interviews Destini Copp about online education and how to use online courses to build your brand and increase your revenue. Destini Copp is a former college professor who helps entrepreneurs launch and grow their online businesses.

During the conversation between Destini Copp and Rob Oliver you will learn about the following:

· The beginning of the online education concept
· How COVID forced the issue with online courses
· Online courses open your business to new clients
· Online education is a $300 billion business
· Different ways entrepreneurs are building courses online
· Brand building versus revenue producing
· Differentiating yourself from your competition
· Creating different tiers of online courses
· Your current customers are more likely to buy from you again
· The first steps to building an online course
· The value of market research
· Why you need to build your audience first
· Different revenue models for online courses
· Creating a beta course
· How to think about a course outline
· Making the course: slide decks, video, and audio options
· Why short videos work best

You can find out more about Destini Copp through her website and on her social media. I would encourage you to take advantage of the free offers on her website.


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