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119 Kim Sterry: How to Grow a Side Hustle Business

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
119 Kim Sterry: How to Grow a Side Hustle Business

Kim Sterry talks about how to grow a side hustle business on this episode of the Learning from Smart People Podcast with Rob Oliver. Kim turned a passion for food into a cooking business, delivering high quality homemade food for local customers.

Here are a few of the topics Rob Oliver and Kim Sterry cover in this episode of Learning from Smart People:

· How her business grew from a blog to a pickup kitchen

· Developing signature dishes and outside the box recipes

· Doing what you love and turning it into a business

· Food as a medium for memory making

· Food is also unifier

· Finding the dance in the kitchen

· “Everybody is a foodie”

· Cooking does not need to be complicated

· The dish to start with…

· How cooking together effects your relationships

· Enjoying the fruits of your labor

· Finding inspiration

· Food as a family building foundation

· Time in the kitchen as an opportunity for relationship building

You can learn more about Kim Sterry and Kimmy’s Cucina, check out their website and social media:


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