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12. Servant Leadership with Tom Crea

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
12. Servant Leadership with Tom Crea

Retired Army Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot Tom Crea joined host Rob Oliver to talk about Servant Leadership. Tom talked about how his understanding of leadership was built during his time in the Army and how he uses that training to help build leadership skills in others.

During the interview, Tom shared the following concepts:

  • The importance of self-awareness as a leader
  • Leadership is never about you as a leader, it’s about your people
  • The importance of humility and vulnerability
  • Accountability as a leadership tool
  • The value of assessments

Tom offered a free e-book, tip sheets as well as assessment tools as free gifts to the Learning from Smart People listeners. You can receive those by using the “Contact” page on his website below.

Twitter: @blackhawkspeaks
Facebook: @blackhawkspeaks

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