You are currently viewing 127 Tiara M Tucker: How to be an Empowerment Connector

127 Tiara M Tucker: How to be an Empowerment Connector

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
127 Tiara M Tucker: How to be an Empowerment Connector

Tiara M Tucker joined Rob Oliver on the Learning from Smart People Podcast to talk about how to be an empowerment connector. Tiara wears a number of “tiaras” but is most passionate about empowering other people and helping them to connect with the world around them. She is also the founder of the “Speak That! Movement”.

Here are several things that Rob Oliver and Tiara M Tucker covered in this episode of Learning from Smart People:

· Turning a passion into a career
· Building a brand starts with individual actions
· There is more than one way to start a business
· The difference between “titles” and “what you do”
· What is an “empowerment connector”?
· Getting connected to other people, resources, communities and yourself
· The opposite of them being empowered
· Empowerment doesn’t have an impact until you make it personal
· The difference between motivation and empowerment
· The snowball effect of empowerment
· Empowerment shows up in different ways for different people
· Sometimes we put power into the hands of people that don’t deserve it
· Using function based job descriptions
· Counteracting bias and inequality
· Mental health and empowerment
· Not allowing other people’s opinions to shape our self-image
· The value of self talk
· Dream it, believe it, speak it, walk it
· Dreams only come true with action
· The definition of faith

You can connect with Tiara M Tucker through her website and social media and learn about the Speak That Movement. Be sure to take advantage of her offer of a free discovery session.


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