You are currently viewing 128 Regina Petersburgsky: How to Start an Amazon Business

128 Regina Petersburgsky: How to Start an Amazon Business

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
128 Regina Petersburgsky: How to Start an Amazon Business

Today’s Smart Person is Regina Petersburgsky. She joined the Learning from Smart People Podcast with Rob Oliver to talk about how to start an Amazon business. She has an amazing back story of learning a serious work ethic from our parents as her family fled Russia and moved to Australia. Today, she is an Amazon seller and is all about “Women on Amazon”

During this episode of the Learning from Smart People Podcast, Rob Oliver and Regina Petersburgsky cover:

· Regina’s story of moving to Australia as a refugee
· Nothing comes to you without effort
· Entrepreneurship is the only option for some people
· How Regina honed her people skills
· Why she chose to own a retail business
· Shifting gears when your business doesn’t fit with your life
· The opportunity of building a business on Amazon
· Private Label as a sales structure
· Using the right training course to learn
· Juggling all of the moving parts
· Celebrating “Women on Amazon”
· Finding the right websites for connecting with manufacturers
· What to do if you are at the “idea” stage for a product
· Other business structures for doing business on Amazon
· Starting an Amazon business using “Sweat Equity”
· Utilizing the Kindle Direct Printing program
· How to use third-party vendors on Amazon
· The art of arbitrage
· Working with wholesalers to sell on Amazon
· Selling your business to a private equity company

You can learn more about Regina Petersburgsky on Facebook. There is also a link to a PDF download of the 7 different Amazon business models.


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