You are currently viewing 129 Meridith Alexander: How to See the Possibilities that Exist

129 Meridith Alexander: How to See the Possibilities that Exist

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
129 Meridith Alexander: How to See the Possibilities that Exist

Meridith Alexander shared the story of her daughter Schuyler on the Learning from Smart People Podcast with Rob Oliver. She talked about how to see the possibilities that exist, even in the most difficult circumstances. Meridith received the phone call that every parent dreads! Her daughter Schuyler had been injured during a trip to South America. Meridith chose to put everything that she had learned theoretically about the “Inner Game” to practical use in helping her daughter.

Here are a few of the points covered in this conversation between Rob Oliver and Meridith Alexander:

• The back story of what happened with her daughter Schuyler
• Receiving bad news about your child as a parent
• Moving past denial
• The power of relationships as seen by a single post on Facebook
• Pushing beyond the urge to pull the covers over your head in a crisis
• Powerlessness: the worst of all the emotions
• Not being a second victim but leading the team’s vision
• The update on where Schuyler is today
• Focusing on assets rather than deficits
• Attracting the right action
• The power of the word “Is”
• How your mind is like a jukebox
• Actively participating in our own thoughts
• How you handle an “earworm”
• Why creativity used to be a bad thing
• The beauty of the diversity of the human race
• Having a vision to see the possibilities
• The biggest lessons from Schuyler’s experience
• Making the little shift from in possible to I’m possible
• Choosing to not accept societal limitations

You can find out more about Meridith Alexander and “The Sky’s the Limit” on her website, social media and Amazon.

Strategy Call:

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