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13 Diversity Certification with Joanne Peterson & Marian Neilson

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
13 Diversity Certification with Joanne Peterson & Marian Neilson

Joanne Peterson and Marian Neilson from joined “Learning from Smart People” to talk about opportunities to have your small business certified as a diverse business.

Here are some of the key pieces of information they shared:

  • The variety of diverse categories in which a business can be certified
  • The purpose and value of certification
  • The process of certification
  • The various levels on which you can be certified
  • The qualifications for certification
  • Self certification versus third-party certification
  • Developing a strategy for certification

During the conversation they provided a number of resources for getting your business certified. Here are the links to those websites:

Diversity Certification Eligibility Survey Link:
DUNS Number:

3rd parties

Disability:IN: (Person with Disability or Disabled owned businesses.)
NaVOBA: (Veteran and service disabled owned businesses)
NGLCC: (LGBT businesses.)
NMSDC: (Minority (for their certifying purpose NMSDC defines minority as Asian, Black, Hispanic and/or Native American business owner that is “at least 1/4 or 25% minimum” of one of these categories) business.)
NVBDC: (Veteran and Service-Disabled owned businesses.)
NWBOC: (Women businesses)
USPAACC: (Asian American owned businesses.)
USWCC: (Women owned businesses)
WBENC: (Women businesses)

If you are interested in contacting Joanne and Marian, here is their information:

Twitter: @DiverseBizBlog
Instagram: @abator_infosvcs

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