You are currently viewing 134 Katrina Sawa: How to Jumpstart Your Business

134 Katrina Sawa: How to Jumpstart Your Business

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
134 Katrina Sawa: How to Jumpstart Your Business

On this episode of the Learning from Smart People podcast, Rob Oliver interviews Katrina Sawa about how to Jumpstart Your Business. Katrina is a coach and consultant that helps entrepreneurs build moneymaking businesses. She shared great insights and practical tips for startups and established companies on how to put your business on autopilot and make your profits soar.

Here are a few of the topics that Rob Oliver and Katrina Sawa covered in this episode of the Learning from Smart People Podcast:

· Who needs to jumpstart their business?
· Assessing your business when you are feeling burnt out
· The importance of taking a step back
· Looking for things you can delegate
· The importance of having someone on the outside looking in
· Addressing the concerns of delegation
· Why virtual assistants make sense (and dollars and cents)
· You are the salesperson
· Tips for thinking about your sales team
· Having your business on autopilot – what does it mean?
· Utilizing the right technology in your final
· The importance of all of your technology communicating
· You need an expert to help you evaluate your business needs
· Having a tech expert help you, not a salesperson
· The value of software that is user-friendly
· Making your business support your lifestyle
· It starts with evaluating, how do you want to live?
· Your business needs to evolve as your life evolves

Take advantage of the free resources that Katrina Sawa offered by checking out her website. I would encourage you to connect with her on social media as well. You should think about the benefits of a call with her.


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