You are currently viewing 136 Gunther Mueller: How to Live the Life You Have Always Wanted

136 Gunther Mueller: How to Live the Life You Have Always Wanted

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
136 Gunther Mueller: How to Live the Life You Have Always Wanted

Gunther Mueller talks about how to live the life you have always wanted on this episode of the Learning from Smart People Podcast with Rob Oliver. He has developed the 5-Step Magnetic Mind Method and shared some of the concepts during the discussion. He has a background as an entrepreneur and has applied many of the lessons learned from the business world to his concept.

Here are a few of the topics that Gunther Mueller and Rob Oliver discussed:

· A reminder about why we need to learn from Smart People
· Gunther’s entrepreneurial journey
· The danger of not listening to our own voice
· Everything you learn is learned through failure
· Identifying self sabotaging thought patterns and behavior
· The only power we have is the power to choose
· We create reality through our intention
· Everything that has been created has been created twice
· Figuring out your true desire
· Choosing the end result is the first step
· You are responsible for your own choices
· Becoming aware of the subconscious programs in your mind
· What you focus on grows
· Top creative stances
· How this plays out for people of faith
· How we choose to live has consequences
· There are only 2 things in the universe: information and energy
· The how is not as important as the where
· The path to your goal is your choice
· Avoiding value judgments on the things we experience

You can find out more about Gunther Mueller and Dream Life Masters through his website. There are videos and other information available for download. Additionally, he has given a tremendous discount on a session with him at Quest for the Quan.


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