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140 Linsi Brownson: How to be Productive and Not Just Busy

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
140 Linsi Brownson: How to be Productive and Not Just Busy

The smart person on this episode of the Learning from Smart Full Podcast with Rob Oliver is Linsi Brownson. She talked about how to be productive and not just busy. She is a fellow podcaster, you can hear the “Be Brilliant In Your Business Podcast” on most of the major podcast platforms. Linsi browse and is also a coach who helps overwhelmed entrepreneurs.

Here are a few of the items Linsi Brownson and Rob Oliver talked about during this episode of the Learning from Smart People Podcast:

· Considering the reason why entrepreneurs start a business
· Your business is there to support your life not the other way around
· Where does achievement come from?
· The cataclysmic cocktail of overwhelm
· Linsi says put happiness as your top priority
· Productivity is about what you are producing – it’s about results
· The impact of being in a negative emotional state
· Your short-term actions need to align with your long-term goals
· Emotions are what motivate us to perform an action
· Thoughts create feelings, feelings create emotions, emotions create action, action creates results
· The powerless of not being able to control the process
· Intrinsic motivation versus external motivation
· “How do I want to feel?” Is the question to start off with
· Your feelings come from your thoughts and you can feel them at any time

You can find more about Linsi Brownson through her website and her social media.


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