You are currently viewing 141 Jennifer Darling: How to Sell on LinkedIn Without Being Sleazy

141 Jennifer Darling: How to Sell on LinkedIn Without Being Sleazy

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
141 Jennifer Darling: How to Sell on LinkedIn Without Being Sleazy

If you’re on LinkedIn, Jennifer Darling is your smart person! She shared how to sell on LinkedIn without being sleazy on this episode of the Learning from Smart People Podcast with Rob Oliver. He was a refreshing conversation with a reminder that sales start with relationships and relationships start with service. Jennifer Darling not only shares great information, she provides a fantastic example on her own LinkedIn profile.

Here are some of the points to ponder from Rob Oliver’s interview of Jennifer do on the Learning from Smart People Podcast:

· Jennifer’s journey from studying television advertising in college to becoming a LinkedIn expert
· The National Speakers Association teaches people about the business of speaking
· How LinkedIn is different from other social media platforms
· Using LinkedIn without being sleazy or smarmy
· A strategy that avoids using cold outreach and has people coming to you instead
· The 3 principles of successful LinkedIn marketing
· Putting content on LinkedIn that provides value for your connections
· Every piece of content has a call to action, a “next step”
· How to avoid “pitch slapping” potential clients
· The key goal in optimizing for LinkedIn is generating referrals
· The truth about LinkedIn Groups
· Your articles and documents live on LinkedIn but lead to your website
· The 4 surprisingly simple tools of successfully using LinkedIn
· Properly using your profile banner
· Creating a powerful headline that explains what you do
· Utilizing the featured items section for maximum impact
· Don’t post and ghost – build relationships

You can learn more about Jennifer Darling by connecting with her on LinkedIn! Be sure to get her profile checklist.


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