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147 Jen Thornton: How to Leverage the Neuroscience of the Brain

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
147 Jen Thornton: How to Leverage the Neuroscience of the Brain

Today we learn about how to leverage the neuroscience of the brain with consultant and speaker Jen Thornton. She is the owner of 304 Coaching which helps leaders build strategies that lead to exponential growth. Based in Texas, she shares an interesting viewpoint and some practical guidelines for dealing with the neuroscience of fear during her interview with Rob Oliver on this episode of the Learning from Smart People Podcast.

Here are several of the points that emerged during the conversation between Jen Thornton and Rob Oliver on the Learning from Smart People Podcast:

· The back story of how Jen got to be where she is today
· Approaching leadership by looking at how do we lead to ensure that we are delivering business results
· Leadership training is expensive but it pays off if it’s done correctly
· Measuring the ROI on leadership training
· Exploring the feelings of launching your entrepreneurial journey
· Defining the neuroscience of fear
· Our brain is built to protect us, to keep us alive
· Fear is just a chemical reaction
· That chemical reaction impacts our ability to reason
· Conceptualizing the Fear Cycle
· We are the ones who decide how we feel about a situation
· Interpreting things through a fear mindset
· Your brain uses all of its experiences to predict what is going to happen
· The connection between the psychological and the physical
· Asking yourself, “What else could be true?”
· Understanding how your brain affects your quality of life
· Our understanding of the brain has truly grown in the last 25 years
· Everyone has a unique mind map
· The functions of the brain are similar between humans
· Changing your mindset to, “What can go right?” (What is the best case scenario?)
· Considering a trickle down fear mindset
· Handling the fallout when things don’t go as you would like

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