You are currently viewing 151 Leisa Reid: How to Get Ready, Get Booked, and Get Selling from Speaking

151 Leisa Reid: How to Get Ready, Get Booked, and Get Selling from Speaking

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
151 Leisa Reid: How to Get Ready, Get Booked, and Get Selling from Speaking

Today’s smart person is Leisa Reid who talks about how to get ready, get booked and get selling from speaking. She is a speaker who has personally booked and delivered over 500 presentations. She works with entrepreneurs to show them how to get their message heard so that they can make a massive impact on the people who can benefit from their expertise.

Here are some of the items that Leisa Reid and Rob Oliver discussed on this episode of the Learning from Smart People Podcast:

· Leisa’s background as a teacher that led her to become a speaker
· How teachers show people how to solve their own problems instead of solving problems for them
· Leisa’s #1 secret for getting more speaking engagements
· Different ways that speaking can benefit your business
· Speaking is a fun way to market your business
· Your message needs to be bigger than your fear!
· Speaker’s fears can be a form of kryptonite
· Speaking is a superpower, use it for good!
· Everyone has been given a gift, when you share it, you raise the consciousness of the people around you.
· Giving of yourself does not deplete you, it enriches others
· Follow-up is the unsexy but extremely important key to staying booked
· Be ready to be ready…
· There is a lot more to speaking than being on stage
· You need to be intentional about what your offer is going to be
· Your energy about your offer is reflected by your audience
· Creating an offer is not a cookie-cutter process
· There needs to be clear communication with the organizer about your offer
· You can plant seeds throughout your entire presentation that relate to your offer
· Intentionality is the difference between just talking and giving a speech
· Get your talk ready to rock
· Now what you talk about and who you talk to
· Start with the end in view and reverse engineer your presentation

You can find out more about Leisa Reid on her website and social media. Be sure to download her “5 Top Tips to Get More Speaking Gigs NOW”


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