You are currently viewing 152 Scott Ballard: How to Use Your Limitations as Advantages

152 Scott Ballard: How to Use Your Limitations as Advantages

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
152 Scott Ballard: How to Use Your Limitations as Advantages

Rob Oliver talks with Scott Ballard about how to use your limitations as advantages on this episode of the Learning from Smart People Podcast. Scott’s experience as a child with dyslexia in a world that did not understand him or see to accommodate him gives great insight into the stigma, adversity, putdowns and obstacles that each of us face in our lives. The question is, do we believe the lie or do we see the opportunity and potential successes?

Here are some of the high points from Rob Oliver and Scott Ballard’s discussion of how to use your limitations as advantages:

· Scott’s back story of living with dyslexia as a young person

· The negative messaging that came from his first-grade teacher

· The fallout of realizing that you are not like the rest of your friends

· A novel concept: the teacher coming over for dinner at the beginning and ending of the school year

· What happens when you believe the lie about who you are based on other people’s opinions

· The great exchange, removing the labels that others apply and choosing the truth

· Finding the place where the change happens

· Growth and self-identity come in bits and pieces over time

· The story of Mr. Bacall and how it changed everything

· Why the kid who sees things differently gets what others don’t see

· Everyone has heard the message that they can’t, do this, they won’t succeed, they are less than

· Encouraging other people is an underutilized superpower!

· Everyone is good at something, they may not have found the venue that matches their skill set

· We each need to find our zone of genius

· A team is formed when everyone is operating in their zone of genius

· Seeing things differently, not being like everyone else is a good thing!

· The success of your team depends on having everyone fulfill their role

· Let go of the negative messages and find someone who believes in you

· It’s not enough to know that you have genius, you must live it out in the world

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