You are currently viewing 154 Stacey Hawthorne: How to Use Polygraph Testing in Your Business

154 Stacey Hawthorne: How to Use Polygraph Testing in Your Business

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
154 Stacey Hawthorne: How to Use Polygraph Testing in Your Business

Stacey Hawthorne talks to Rob Oliver about how to use polygraph testing in your business on this episode of the Learning from Smart People Podcast. A former police detective with 31 years of experience on the job, Stacey is a certified polygraph examiner from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. She shares how polygraph testing can be used in a variety of ways besides law enforcement. Her story is fascinating. Additionally, we salute her for years of service in keeping our communities safe.

Here are several of the topics covered in Rob Oliver’s interview with Stacey Hawthorne about how to use polygraph testing in your business:

· Stacey’s story of how she became a police officer and was promoted to detective
· Why she specialized in polygraph examination
· No one can force you to take a polygraph test
· If someone is not nervous about taking a polygraph exam, that raises a red flag
· The first part of a polygraph exam is building rapport
· Before a polygraph exam, the examiner goes over each of the questions with you
· Polygraph can be used in preemployment screenings
· It is especially helpful in dealing with security, financial and pharmaceutical employees
· The key to a polygraph test is to be open and honest
· You do not need to be a police officer to go to polygraph school
· A polygraph examiner learns about psychology and physiology
· The polygraph machine monitors certain bodily functions and charts those
· There is a period of adjustment to the procedure that occurs beforehand
· You don’t really feel anything when taking a polygraph exam
· Polygraph doesn’t just show who’s guilty, it can exonerate people as well
· The admissibility of polygraph evidence varies from state to state
· Some states do not classify polygraph as an exact science
· Screening out candidates who are not a good fit can be very fulfilling
· Stacey started her business as a side hustle
· Seeing that polygraph is effective gives her work value

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