You are currently viewing 16 Putting Passion into Action with Doug Cornfield

16 Putting Passion into Action with Doug Cornfield

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
16 Putting Passion into Action with Doug Cornfield

Children’s book author Doug Cornfield joined the Learning from Smart People podcast. We talked about his book, “A Pound of Kindness” and the sports camps that he and his business partner, Dave Clark, run for kids and young adults with disabilities.

During the interview, Doug talked about the following:

  • The greatest mostly unknown story in sports
  • The need to develop a great product that you can actually sell
  • The importance of finding and following your passions
  • The danger of focusing on the “No’s”
  • Understanding that you are the best salesperson for your book
  • Having a purpose and broader vision for your business
  • Why he and Dave called their business “Best Burn”

You can find out more about Doug and his book at:

He mentioned 2 promo codes. The first was for a free download of “A Pound of Kindness” as an e-book, the promo code is “stayhome“. The second was for free shipping on all their books, as well as a free coloring book with the purchase of the children’s book, that promo code is “D3Day“.

Website : and
Twitter: @PoundofKindness
Facebook : @APoundofKindness
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