You are currently viewing 161 Caterina Rando: How to Uplift Yourself Through a Successful Business

161 Caterina Rando: How to Uplift Yourself Through a Successful Business

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
161 Caterina Rando: How to Uplift Yourself Through a Successful Business

Caterina Rando shares how to uplift yourself through a successful business on this episode of the Learning from Smart People Podcast with Rob Oliver. Caterina is a woman on a mission. Her goal is to empower female entrepreneurs and small business owners but the information she shares is beneficial for all! Her specialties are sales, speaking and strategies. She has some practical and powerful insights. As you listen, you will be learning from a smart person.

Here are some of the topics covered as Caterina Rando and Rob Oliver talk about how to uplift yourself through a successful business:

· Caterina’s backstory of starting her entrepreneurial experience right out of school
· What she learned about getting clients and building a clientele
· The way she united her passion and her expertise to create a business
· When you hire a consultant or a coach, often you also get a counselor
· The people that you talk to need to know that they matter
· Everyone brings massive value, that means more than just your expertise
· Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve, where your heart all over your business!
· There is a lifetime supply of people to serve
· The gift of the pandemic is allowing us to connect with people across the country and around the world
· If you are getting off a Zoom Call more uplifted than when you got on, it was worth it
· You have to get started somewhere, don’t spend all your time getting ready to get ready
· It is in the doing that you figure things out
· The practical application of your skills is where you truly help people
· Malcolm Gladwell says that mastery comes from having 10,000 hours in
· The pursuit of Perfection keeps people from taking action
· When you push off your mastery, you push off your bliss
· There is a value beyond the monetary return of your business
· As an entrepreneur, we get to choose how we spend our time
· It’s your business, you can do it anyway you want
· The bottom line is… Do All Things with Love!

You can learn more about Caterina Rando through her website and social media. Be sure to take advantage of the free gifts that she has offered as well.


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