You are currently viewing 174 Eric Williams: How to Improve Your Marketing (and Leadership)

174 Eric Williams: How to Improve Your Marketing (and Leadership)

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
174 Eric Williams: How to Improve Your Marketing (and Leadership)

Eric Williams shares how to improve your marketing and leadership in this episode of the Learning from Smart People Podcast with Rob Oliver. Eric Williams is a certified business coach and marketing expert. He understands that many entrepreneurs and small business owners go into business to pursue something they are passionate about, not many go into business because they have the desire to RUN a business. Using a variety of tools, he helps his clients to better engage their target audience and grow their businesses.

On a side note, welcome back to the podcast! I took the summer off but I am back and look forward to spending some quality time together. New episodes will be released every Thursday (and I’ve got a great lineup for you.)

Here are several of the discussion points that Eric Williams shared as he talked about how to improve your marketing and leadership:

• Eric grew up in a family where his parents owned their own business.
• He saw the gaps that occurred because people didn’t have the expertise to run their own businesses
• If your business is not successful, it as an exponential impact on the people around you
• These statistics are not good for business is being handed from one generation to the next
• It takes different skills to start a business, to grow a business, to scale a business
• The best coaches were not the best players
• Leadership is a stewardship of people
• If you confuse you lose, clarity is the key, confusion is the enemy
• The clearer you can be with your people, the better
• There’s a difference between knowledge and practical application
• People make choices based on what they understand fastest
• When you stop talking about problems, people stop listening
• Know the difference between features and benefits
• Always play the guide, never the hero
• Heroes are the weakest characters because they need something
• They need someone outside of themselves to help them grow and solve their issue
• When you talk about what you do, people understand how you can help them or someone they know
• The “Will you marry me?” Factor as it relates to your Call to Action

To learn more about Eric Williams, check them out through the links below. (Especially look for him on Tik-Tok.) Be sure to take advantage of his free offer to evaluate your website.


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