You are currently viewing 27 Get Clients thru LinkedIn with Matt Clark

27 Get Clients thru LinkedIn with Matt Clark

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
27 Get Clients thru LinkedIn with Matt Clark

Matthew Clark, cofounder of The Virtual Edge, joined us from South Africa to talk about The Rainmaker System. It is a 3 stage, nine step process that helps his clients generate 2 – 5 leads per day on LinkedIn. By the way, we have now had guests from Europe, Africa and North America. If you have a guest suggestion from Asia, Australia, South America or even Antarctica, I’d love to hear it!

Here are several of the important topics we covered:

  • Creating relationships versus acquiring sales
  • Laser focusing on your target audience
  • Knowing your client, especially their pain points
  • A LinkedIn makeover that focuses on your ideal client
  • The stages and steps of the Rainmaker System

Matthew mentioned the free videos and resources that are available on his website listed below. He also encouraged listeners to connect with him on Facebook (if you do, tell him that you heard him on Listening from Smart People!)


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