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28 Creating Your Destiny with Nick Davies

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
28 Creating Your Destiny with Nick Davies

Nick Davies, a business, career, and health coach, joined the show to talk about his journey, What he has learned from his experiences and how he uses that knowledge to help others in their journey.

Here are a few of the points we touched on during the interview:

Nick’s personal journey that led him to quit his job in the financial services industry to travel the world

  • His struggle to find a place where he could fit in
  • His decision to create the life he wanted
  • The importance of having a guide on your journey to success and happiness
  • Tips for making a change in your own life

Here is Nick’s contact information:


Nick told me off air that he would offer LFSP listeners complimentary access to his ‘thinking’ tool. “We cant change anything in our lives without being aware of it. MindScan allows us to take a dive into what we can’t see.”

Here is the link

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