You are currently viewing 47 The College Cost Crisis with Bonnie Burkett

47 The College Cost Crisis with Bonnie Burkett

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
47 The College Cost Crisis with Bonnie Burkett

“Enough! The College Cost Crisis” author Bonnie Burkett joined me for a discussion about setting your children up to graduate from college with little to no debt. Her mission is to save families and students from the financial ruin of student debt.

Some highlights to listen for:

  • Bonnie’s story of dealing with a lack of information when her daughter was in college
  • Reverse engineering the plan for a college degree
  • How parents can help their student discover their talents and interests
  • An online resource for getting college credits at a drastically reduced price
  • The importance of developing a customized plan to help your student beat the odds
  • Why a college degree may not be required for everyone

Bonnie is offering a free 15 minute consultation about college concerns for any of my listeners. Additionally, she has a free downloadable workbook to accompany her book and make the process doable.

Here are the links for Bonnie’s website, book and social media:


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