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5. Bounce Up: with Mj Callaway

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
5. Bounce Up: with Mj Callaway

Mj Callaway, an award-winning author, motivational speaker and corporate trainer, joined “Learning from Smart People” to discuss powering through adversity.

During the interview, she shared this information:

  • Her personal story of dealing with cancer, TWICE!
  • The difference between a “bounce back” and a “Bounce-Up” (I loved it this point!)
  • Flipping your mindset and changing your inner (and outer) dialogue
  • Building a Power Team
  • Strategies for creating your own “Bounce-Up”

Mj also talked about her new book and offered “Learning from Smart People” listeners a free resource called “7 Ways You Can Bounce-Up!” It is available as a free download. There is a form at the bottom of her website where you can claim this resource for yourself.

Here is how you can connect with Mj:

Twitter: @MjCallawayspeak
Instagram: @MjCallawaySpeaker

Thanks for listening to the show! I hope that you are learning from the interviews. I know that I am!

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