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50 Be a Better Boss Now with Joe Mull

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
50 Be a Better Boss Now with Joe Mull

In episode 50 the topic is how to be a better boss, now! My guest for this landmark episode is Joe Mull, author of “Cure for the Common Leader” and “No More Team Drama”.

On a side note, I am blown away that we are already releasing episode 50! That is halfway to 100. (Math is my strong point…) Thank you to everyone that has been listening to the podcast. The numbers continue to grow and you, my listeners, are the reason I keep going.

Here are some things to listen for in this episode:

  • The connection between leadership and self-awareness
  • Why leaders have to care about their people
  • How to meet your team where they are
  • Matching your style of leadership to each team member’s needs
  • Adjusting your expectations of what can be accomplished in the current climate
  • What leaders should focus on

You can find out more information about Joe, his presentations and his forthcoming podcast through the links below. You can also subscribe to his free continuing education videos and resources for leaders.

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