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6. Health Anxiety with Josh Smith

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
6. Health Anxiety with Josh Smith

Today’s guest on “Learning from Smart People” is Josh Smith. He is a licensed counselor and shares some extremely poignant insight about anxiety.

Here are some of the highlights from Josh’s interview:

  • Josh’s own history of anxiety
  • Emotional and Physical manifestations of anxiety
  • Contributing factors to anxiety
  • The incompatibility of thankfulness and anxiety
  • Skills and tips for lowering anxiety

Josh offered a free resource of “10 Tips and Strategies for Relieving Anxiety” as well as an “Anxiety Workbook” which specifically deals with the Coronavirus and anxiety. Both are available by emailing him

Josh’s contact information:

Twitter: @MrSmithWestern

He also mentioned AKA Sushi in Jackson, MI. Their website is:

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