You are currently viewing 9. Your Past Doesn’t Define Your Future with Katie Woodland

9. Your Past Doesn’t Define Your Future with Katie Woodland

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
9. Your Past Doesn't Define Your Future with Katie Woodland

“Learning from Smart People” has gone international! My guest today is Katie Woodland from “across the pond” in the UK.

Katie is a “maverick psychologist” and on today’s episode we talked about how your past does not define your future. With a history of physical, verbal and sexual abuse, she helps her clients to recover from the traumatic events in their lives using the tools that she used to recover from hers.

Some of the takeaways from Episode 9 include:

  • The positive thinking myth can keep you stuck in negativity
  • Mental Illness is not an “illness” at all
  • 3 easy (and free) activities to release serotonin and clear cortisol
  • You are the most powerful person in making decisions about your future
  • The power of small successes
  • The safest way to overcome obstacles in life, business and relationships

Katie has a number of courses available here. You can connect with her using the information below.

Instagram: @katie._.woodland
Twitter: @wookat1983

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