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90 Andie Monet: How to Develop a Business Strategy

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
90 Andie Monet: How to Develop a Business Strategy

In this episode of the Learning from Smart People Podcast, Rob Oliver interviews Andie Monet about how to develop a business strategy. Andie Monet is a business strategist who help small business owners with a tool she developed called the Roadmap for Strategic Growth.

During the podcast, Rob Oliver and Andie Monet talk about the following:

  • What it means to have clarity in your business
  • The relationship between clarity, strategy and action
  • How to handle your fear of failure
  • Why failure is not always a bad thing
  • The three legged stool of business
  • The value of hiring a consultant (or a business strategist) to help grow your business
  • How your life experiences provide tools to build with
  • Definition of a business strategy
  • No cost and low cost ways to increase sales and profitability

You can find out more about Andie Monet on her website and through her social media. She is also offering a free 30 minute strategy session, look for it on her website.


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