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92 Sandy Rodriguez: Choose to Prevail

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
92 Sandy Rodriguez: Choose to Prevail

Sandy Rodriguez, author of the book “Choose to Prevail”, joined host Rob Oliver for a powerful episode of the Learning from Smart People Podcast. Sandy has a breadth of life experience and understands the importance of the choices that we make and how they impact our lives. She is a personal growth expert and a motivational author.

Here are a few of the highlights from this episode of Learning From Smart People:

  • Sandy Rodriguez’s back story: being an editor, moving from Mexico to the US, finding work, finding success
  • How she took her experiences and uses them to help others
  • The art of turning a negative into a positive
  • Explaining the “Bridge of Incidents” concept
  • How to handle change in your life circumstances

You can find out more about Sandy Rodriguez and her book through the links below. She is also offering to share some original rock music inspired by her book.

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