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96 Michael Dermer: The Lonely Entrepreneur

Learning from Smart People
Learning from Smart People
96 Michael Dermer: The Lonely Entrepreneur

Michael Dermer, founder of the Lonely Entrepreneur, joined host Rob Oliver on the Learning from Smart People Podcast. Their conversation looked at the struggles of being an entrepreneur as well as the accompanying feeling of being alone in those struggles. Michael has taken his experiences and created the Lonely Entrepreneur, a resource for entrepreneurs that provides them with the tools and understanding they need to succeed.

Here are a few of the things that Michael Dermer and Rob Oliver discussed:

  • How Michael started a business to reward people for being healthy
  • The effect of the financial crisis on his business
  • Identifying the struggle of being a lonely entrepreneur
  • Different layers of loneliness as an entrepreneur
  • Recurring themes in the entrepreneurial struggle
  • Developing a strategy to deal with hyper competition and free options
  • How to find a playground where no one else is playing
  • Finding what truly makes you unique and different
  • The black entrepreneur initiative project, it’s purpose and goal
  • The concept of the 4P’s – passion, pressure, pleasure and pain

You can connect with Michael Dermer through his social media channels and his website, all listed below.


I believe that the restaurant that Michael mentioned is called B & B restaurant. You can check out their website:

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