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LeeAnn Beitko: A Patient’s Perspective on Healthcare

Perspectives on Healthcare
Perspectives on Healthcare
LeeAnn Beitko: A Patient’s Perspective on Healthcare

LeeAnn Beitko gives us a patient’s perspective on healthcare on this episode of the Perspectives on Healthcare podcast with Rob Oliver. LeeAnn was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis and rheumatoid arthritis several years ago. It was a long process to reach the correct diagnosis. She is from my hometown of White Oak, Pennsylvania. Her story and insights are fascinating. This is interview 46 in the patient’s perspective interview Marathon.

Here are 3 things that stood out as LeeAnn Beitko shared a patient’s perspective on healthcare:

  • Sometimes just getting the correct diagnosis takes forever. LeeAnn was not feeling well but could not get any resolution to what was causing her discomfort. It took almost 10 years to finally get a diagnosis.
  • Sometimes, medical professionals are dismissive of patient’s input and feedback. Several of her doctors attributed her tiredness to simply having children. This oversimplification was frustrating as she realized there was a difference between what she was feeling and the fatigue of dealing with everyday life.
  • Quality healthcare means not giving up. It is imperative that medical professionals continue to work with their patients until there is a successful resolution to their situation. LeeAnn was thankful for a doctor that continued to work with her even when test results were coming back normal.

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Disclaimer: All opinions expressed by guests on the Perspectives on Healthcare Podcast are solely the opinion of the guest. They are not to be misconstrued as medical diagnoses or medical advice. Please consult with a licensed medical professional before attempting any of the treatments suggested.

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