Rob Oliver's Podcasts

For the past 5 years, Rob Oliver has been thinking about doing a podcast but never had the time. When COVID came along, that opportunity presented itself and Rob launched the Learning from Smart People Podcast. A little over a year later, being the glutton for punishment that he is, Rob launched a second podcast called Perspectives on Healthcare.

Learning from Smart People is for entrepreneurs and small business owners and features interviews with content experts on topics that will help listeners to improve, grow and streamline their business. Perspectives on Healthcare is for anyone with an interest in the medical community. It centers on interviews with medical professionals that are intended to broaden our understanding of what they do and increase our respect for how and why they do what they do.

There are a variety of reasons why people view things differently: their area of study, their experiences, where they grew up and their age are just a few. On the Perspectives on Healthcare Podcast, Rob Oliver interviews members of the medical community from different roles, specialties, geographic locations and ages.

Guests share their viewpoints on quality healthcare, the future of healthcare and how to improve it. Episodes are 20 minutes and feature both a conceptual and practical understanding of quality healthcare with real-life examples and suggestions of simple and effective strategies medical professionals can implement immediately.

Since its launch, the Perspectives on Healthcare Podcast has featured a physician assistant, acupuncturist, family physician, pharmacist, physical therapist, medical director, hospitalist and more. Guests have represented the Northeast, the Southeast, the Midwest, the West Coast, Canada, the UK, and many more locations.