NEAHQ would welcome Rob back in a heartbeat.

Alyson Mitchell – New England Association for Healthcare Quality

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The presentation was dynamic, inspiring, intellectually captivating, of great interest and relevance to our field, and very informative.

Barbara Rebold – PA Association for Healthcare Quality

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I could listen to Rob Oliver talk all day long.

Jan Green – Calvary Chapel South Pittsburgh

I enjoyed your speech… I’m sad that it ended!

You were phenomenal!



 I have received nothing but compliments on your presentation and discussion. It lifted spirits and ignited fresh energy to continue the job we do every day.

Kim Ondrizek – Director, Visiting Nurses Association of Indiana County

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He was uplifting, inspiring and very humorous. He made everyone feel as though they have a real purpose here, regardless of what their roles are.

Krysta Rigney – General Manager, Holiday Inn Express

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Rob was exactly what we were looking for. Motivating and inspirational. He connected so well with everyone. Very positive experience

Terry Frank – CEO Golden Key Center for Exceptional Children

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Rob is not only an engaging and entertaining speaker, but he is uniquely able to share life experiences that reinforce the importance of client-centered healthcare. His message helps shift focus to “ability” instead of “disability”.

Pam Toto – Professor at the University of Pittsburgh

Mr. Oliver came and spoke to our high school audience. His message was profound and inspiring. He shared life experience with the students as well as his outlook on life and advice. Mr. Oliver was professional from start to finish in collaborating to make this event possible. He easily reached a varying high school audience of diverse student backgrounds. Additionally, he added a personal touch through his interactions and conversations with the students afterwards. I am so thrilled that he graciously shared his time and story with us. Mr. Oliver is without a doubt a fantastic speaker!

Heather Hibner – Principal at Baldwin High School

Inviting Rob to speak in your classroom or at your event may be the most valuable lifetime gift you can give your students.
Trudy Odom –
ESL Instructor, Rowan University

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Your message was fabulous and “hit the nail on the head”. Everyone who attended continues to talk about you and your message.

Sean Lore – Director, Scott Key Center

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I believe that your presentation is one of those memorable moments for our students.
Denise Chisholm – Vice Chair, Department of Occupational Therapy, University of Pittsburgh

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The response to your presentation was phenomenal! Your presentation will be remembered for a long time.
Eric C. Jankoski, M. Ed –
Transition Coordinator, Baldwin-Whitehall School District

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You captured the attention and focus of the audience instantly and developed an easy, open relationship with the members in attendance.
Gina C. Lynn – Executive Director, Greater Rostraver Chamber of Commerce
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For the next few days there were people who approached me and exclaimed that they were very moved by your words and that they were thankful to have attended the event.
Kristina Coco – President, Golden Key Honor Society, Slippery Rock University
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POTA has had many years worth of keynote presentations and your message, combined with your personalized, humorous, down-to-earth approach, definitely makes you one of the most memorable and usable. Thank you!
Cathy Dolhi – President, Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Association
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Thanks so much for being with us yesterday, both Kathy and I thought it was a very strong segment.
John Hall – Producer/Co-host of “John and Kathy” on WORD FM

Rob agreed to meet our small Rotary Club at a time when we were struggling with some difficult group issues. He delivered a heartfelt and poignant talk about his own life and challenges. It was amazing to hear his funny, self-deprecating, upbeat message. I would recommend Rob as a speaker for your group without reservation.
Danielle K. Staresinic – Lawrenceville Rotary Club

The response of staff has been overwhelmingly positive, and the students have commented that both the material and the instructor’s perspective are impactful, informative and valuable to their daily dealings with patients. Rob’s candid and insightful approach establishes a culture of openness within the class that allows for comfortable discussion and a great learning environment. Tough questions can be asked and explored in a non-threatening and proactive manner, with awareness and understanding being at the forefront. Mr. Oliver’s style, approach and commitment to the program is an integral part of its impact and popularity.

Michelle Anzelone – Physician Services Division of UPMC

I saw you at the POTA Conference in Pittsburgh this year and you were AWESOME!!! Your energy and enthusiasm for life are amazing and you have a beautiful family. I think it’s so easy for everyone to get ‘down’ about their own problems, but hearing your story, your faith, your determination, etc. makes it so easy to see the blessings in our lives! I wish you the best and continued success in all you do!!! It was indeed an honor to hear you at the POTA conference!!
Jen Czem, Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Association

Rob speaks to our students several times a year. The students enjoy him and ask when he is coming back. As far as scheduling speakers, Rob is easy to work with. He adapts his presentation style and material to connect with the audience, whether he is the speaker in elementary school, middle school or high school.
Chadd Schafer – Administrator, Pittsburgh Christian Academy

Rob added much to our Disability Awareness Training for HR Staff at UPMC. He shared his perspective in a positive, down to earth way. We received many positive comments in the session evaluations, saying his viewpoints were the most valuable part of the training and helped our HR staff to see things from the job seeker’s point of view. He was able to add the balance and human perspective we needed to the legal and human resource presentation. He is a gifted presenter and we are very fortunate to be able to tap into his talents.
Mary Curet – University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

I urge all organizations to have Rob energize their membership with his uplifting message!
Gary Rosensteel – Program Chair, McMurray Rotary Club
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Feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive and several days later, they are still talking about the impact the discussion and Rob’s style has on them and their thought processes. Being able to accomplish that in today’s fast-paced clinical environment is impressive. Rob brings his own perspective to the discussion making it all the more realistic and does a wonderful job of facilitating. We hope to continue to utilize his skill and expertise for many more programs.

Lisa Schraeder – Physician Services Division of UPMC